All customers are advised to carefully read the following Product Information Statement. This notice is provided in accordance with the relevant Directives of the Securities and Exchange Commission and applicable laws. It is essential for the client to refrain from engaging in any direct or indirect investment in Financial Instruments unless they fully comprehend and acknowledge the risks associated with each specific instrument. Prior to opening an account, the client should thoroughly consider whether investing in a particular Financial Instrument aligns with their circumstances and financial resources.

The client should be aware of the following risks:

  • The company cannot guarantee the initial capital or value of the client’s portfolio or any funds invested in financial instruments.
  • The client should understand that the value of any investment in Financial Instruments may fluctuate, potentially resulting in a complete loss
  • The client acknowledges the possibility of incurring losses and damages when buying or selling any Financial Instrument and accepts the inherent risks.
  • Past performance of a Financial Instrument does not guarantee its current or future performance. Historical data should not be relied upon as a definite forecast of future instrument performance.
  • The client should be aware that transactions conducted through the company’s dealing services may involve speculative elements. Significant losses can occur within a short period, potentially equaling the total funds deposited with the company.
  • Certain Financial Instruments may not possess immediate liquidity due to reduced demand, making it challenging for the client to sell them or obtain reliable information regarding their value and associated risks.
  • When a Financial Instrument is traded in a currency different from the client’s country of residence, changes in exchange rates can adversely affect its value, price, and performance.
  • Financial Instruments traded on foreign markets may entail different risks compared to the client’s domestic markets, sometimes even greater risks. Profit or loss from transactions on foreign markets is also influenced by exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Derivative Financial Instruments (e.g., options, futures, swaps, CFDs) can be non-delivery spot transactions that offer opportunities for profit based on changes in currency rates, commodity prices, stock market indices, or share prices (underlying instruments). The value of derivative instruments can be directly affected by the price of the underlying security or instrument.
  • Derivative securities and markets can exhibit high volatility. Prices of Derivative Financial Instruments, including CFDs, and their underlying assets and indices, can fluctuate rapidly and over wide ranges, influenced by unforeseeable events or changes in conditions beyond the control of the client or the company.
  • CFD prices are influenced by various factors, including changing supply and demand relationships, governmental and trade policies, political and economic events, and market psychology.
  • The client must be aware that purchasing a Derivative Financial Instrument involves the risk of losing the entire invested amount, including additional commissions and expenses.
  • Under specific market conditions, executing an order may be difficult or impossible.
  • Placing Stop Loss Orders is intended to limit losses, but under certain market conditions, execution may occur at a worse price than stipulated, resulting in larger than expected losses.
  • If the margin capital is insufficient to maintain open positions, the client may be required to deposit additional funds promptly or reduce exposure. Failure to comply may lead to position liquidation at a loss, for which the client will be liable.
  • The company’s dealings with banks or brokers may involve conflicting interests.
  • The insolvency of the company or a bank or broker used by the company to execute transactions may lead to the forced closure of positions against the client’s wishes.
  • The client should be aware that certain currencies may be traded irregularly or infrequently, making it uncertain whether prices will be quoted consistently or if transactions can be easily executed due to the absence of counterparties.
  • Online trading, while convenient and efficient, does not eliminate the risks associated with currency trading.
  • The client’s trades in Financial Instruments may be subject to taxation and other duties due to changes in legislation or personal circumstances. The company does not guarantee the absence of tax or stamp duty obligations. The client is responsible for any taxes or duties arising from their trades.
  • Before initiating trades, the client should obtain comprehensive details of all commissions and charges for which they will be responsible. In cases where charges are not expressed in monetary terms (e.g., dealing spread), the client should request a written explanation, including specific examples, to understand the potential impact in monetary terms.
  • The company will not provide investment advice or recommendations regarding investments or potential transactions.
  • The company may be required to hold client funds in segregated accounts, offering some level of protection in accordance with current regulations.
  • Trading transactions conducted on an online platform carry inherent risks.
  • When using electronic trading systems, the client is exposed to risks associated with system failures, including hardware and software issues (e.g., internet or server failures). The company does not accept liability in the event of system failures.
  • Telephone conversations may be recorded, and the client acknowledges and accepts such recordings as conclusive and binding evidence of instructions provided.
  • This notice does not disclose or explain all risks and significant aspects associated with dealing in Financial Instruments and investment services.

This notice cannot and does not disclose or explain all of the risks and other significant aspects involved in dealing in all Financial Instrument and investment services

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