30% Trading Bonus Terms and Conditions for Users

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Offer Name: 30% Trading Bonus

The 30% Trading Bonus (“the Bonus”) is a special reward offered exclusively to clients who actively participate in the Instant Cashback Offer for Introducing Brokers (IBs) and meet the specified criteria. This offer is designed to enrich your trading experience and provide additional value to your deposits.

Terms and Conditions:


The 30% Trading Bonus is exclusively available to clients who fulfill the requirements of the Instant Cashback Offer for IBs.
Clients must initiate their participation by making a minimum deposit of 500 USD.

Bonus Crediting:

Upon depositing the minimum required amount, the 30% trading bonus will be credited directly to the client’s trading account.
This bonus provides clients with additional margin to enhance their trading activities.

Usage and Purpose:

The trading bonus is intended exclusively for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn.
Clients can use the bonus as additional margin to support their open positions, enhancing trading potential.

Equity Withdrawal:

To qualify for complete equity withdrawal, the client must achieve a trading volume of 1.5 lots per 500 USD deposit.
The formula for calculating the required trading volume is: Required Trading Volume (in Lots) = (Deposit Amount / 500) * 1.5.
Clients depositing more than 500 USD should use the same formula with the corresponding deposit amount.

Withdrawal Eligibility:

Clients who have not executed any trades will be allowed to withdraw only 95% of the deposited amount.

For clients who have engaged in trading, the permissible withdrawal percentage will be calculated as follows:

Allowed Withdrawal Percentage = 95% + (Completed Trading Volume / Required Trading Volume) * 5%


Completed Trading Volume: The total trading volume (in lots) completed by the client.
Required Trading Volume: The total trading volume (in lots) necessary for complete equity withdrawal eligibility.

Partial Withdrawal Impact:

The trading bonus used as margin for open positions will be revoked upon partial withdrawal of the equity.

Adherence to Terms:

To qualify for the 30% Trading Bonus and associated benefits, clients must adhere to the broker’s general terms and conditions in addition to the specific conditions of the Instant Cashback Offer.
Offer Modifications:

FinovaFX reserves the right to modify, alter, or terminate the 30% Trading Bonus offer at any time without prior notice. It is recommended that participants regularly review the terms for updates.
Final Decision:

In the event of any discrepancies, misunderstandings, or disputes related to the offer, the final decision rests with FinovaFX. Clients are advised to seek clarification if needed.

Important Note:
Clients are strongly advised to thoroughly read, understand, and acknowledge the terms and conditions of the 30% Trading Bonus offer before participating. By participating, they confirm their agreement to comply with these terms. It is essential to fully comprehend all aspects of the offer and its implications for participating clients.

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